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The Programs that We Offer 


TAFFY PRESENTS – Our programs offer a full range of uplifting and life-enhancing performing arts, tailored to match the needs of hospitalized children and underserved populations in schools, libraries, and community shelters. Curriculum supportive programs may focus on literacy, character development and the sciences as each facility requires.


TAFFY TALENTS – This program enlists talented and compassionate students to be artistic role models for less fortunate children. Adult TAFFY artists accompany young artists to these special performances.


“ Your Artist connected with every patient and engaged each member of the audience so that they felt important and included.” ~ Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, MD 


“Our patients had a wonderful time hearing some great music at their bedside. Thank you!” ~ Georgetown University Hospital, DC


Please contact Irene, Pam or John to receive specific information on a particular Artist you are interested in.

Theatre Arts Festival for Youth
c/o Pamela Wood
P.O. Box 2665
Canoga Park, CA 91306

Director of East Coast Productions
Irene Light
(703) 281-1536

Executive Director: 
 Pamela Wood
 (818) 998-8424 


Director of West Coast Productions
 John Wood
 (818) 489-3630

Laurie Mangold performs to a sick child at Georgetown University Pediatrics  in DC

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