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Dan Crow Vienna Connection Article


When you become a TAFFY artist,  TAFFY makes a match between you and the perfect location. We work with the venue to address site concerns so that your visit runs smoothly. The entire experience is great for the performing artist, children, families, and donors. Staff members also enjoy the fun entertainment! 

A few supporting artists and labels

TAFFY PRESENTS with Val Smalkin of Small Kin Music, has embarked upon a unique program with the Maryland School for the Blind Statewide Outreach program using song-writing to assist blind teens self-advocate. The lyrics resulting from the first workshop were so stunning that the one workshop developed into an entire program with the objective of facilitating the students' communication to the sighted world, through the production of a CD, tentatively titled, “Not With My Eyes.”


TAFFY PRESENTS would like to thank all the Artists, Engineers, Writers, Lyricists, and Publicists who have joined this project for their generous donations to the Maryland School for the Blind State Outreach Program, “Seeing Through Music.” The contributors of time, talent, and treasure are:


Executive Producer: Irene Light

Producer: Val Smalkin

Recording Engineer: Mark Stocker,

Studio Facilities: 4:30 Entertainment and Stages Music Arts

Musicians: David Kinnoin, Oliver Kinnoin, Mary Kincaid, Jimmy Hammer, Sahffi LynnePaul Avgerinos, and Val Smalkin

Publicists and Consultants: Mike Greenly and Beth Benz-Clucas

CD Art: Dirk Joseph 

CD Liner Notes: Kabir Sehgal 

Chorus: West Los Angeles Children's Choir/  and the Maryland School for the Blind Statewide Outreach Chorus

Equipment: Child's Play Charity


Thank you also to the Maryland School for the Blind Staff for their never-ending assistance. Among the many helpers are Rob Hair, Ruth Hynson, Susan Vanderhoff, Sharon Whited, Amy Morrell, Linda Snyder, and Kerry Michael.


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