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Silly Goose & Val Smalkin enjoyed a virtual visit with the special education students at the Key Center School in Springfield, Virginia.


"Awesome", "wonderful," and "amazing" were some of the adjectives used to describe Val's program filled with puppets, ventriloquism, music, dancing, and laughter. Val notes that "this may be as close as I get to a live December Holiday Program in this strange year of 2020, and doing it for TAFFY Presents for underserved children makes it as good as visiting 20 other venues." Thank you Key Center and for making this possible.


Pet Project.JPG

TAFFY’s PET PROJECT Receives Tim Kubart’s Song


A song about getting ready to own a pet is the purrfect theme song for TAFFY Presents’ new PET PROJECT.  Our underserved children are excited about upcoming Animal Outreach Arts Programs.  Included in our interactive shows and workshops will be songs, stories, puppets, books, dances, arts & crafts, magic and more....all to create an atmosphere of CARING & SHARING about all types of animals!

SHELTER/SHELTER, part of the PET PROJECT,  will connect homeless/abused animals in shelters with homeless/ abused children in shelters.  The natural bond will be enhanced by visits to local shelters and projects to help the animals.    PLEASE DONATE❤️!


*From the 2019 GRAMMY Best Children’s Album Nominee ("Building Blocks") by Tim Kubart

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The West Los Angeles Children's Choir sing with pop star Meghan Trainor in the ABC Disney Salute to Mickey Mouse on his 90th Birthday Celebration! 


The West Los Angeles Children's Choir, under the direction of Barbara Klaskin Silberg, gathers and professionally trains enthusiastic kids from all over L.A. county who sing for TV commercials, movies, corporate events and many recording sessions. The kids also learn how to use their voices in order to make the world a better place and, in so doing, put on two fundraisers a year. We are happy to be sharing some of the money raised in this season's fundraiser with our pals at the Taffy Organization! 

Please enjoy this video where the children from The West Los Angeles Children's Choir sing with pop star Meghan Trainor in the ABC Disney Salute to Mickey Mouse on his 90th Birthday Celebration! 


Bruce Anderson, organist for the Washington Capitals and the Washington Wizards!

This is what TAFFY Presents loves to hear!! Music can work wonders!!

Kudos to Bruce Anderson!  You and music made a breakthrough!!!!

Laura Cohen, Director of Child Life Services at Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai in Baltimore wrote:

Bruce was wonderful, especially with a 17 year old patient who has a neuro-muscular generative disease and has difficulty talking and with movements of any kind. Bruce got him smiling and even shaking a maraca which was huge! Even if he had not made other people happy during the visit, ( Which he did! ) that would have been enough to be his wonderful mitzvah for the day. Bruce is truly awesome, and we would love to have him come back any time that he is available. He truly brings the gift of music and lots of smiles to the unit!

Morgan Taylor wins 2018 Award


Twice Grammy nominated songwriter/singer and author/narrator of Audible’s best children’s audiobook of 2018! “I’m From The Sun - The Gustafer Yellowgold Story.”


Laurie Mangold enchanted the children at the Arlington Pediatric Center


 Laurie sang in English and Spanish for the disadvantaged children and their families. They thoroughly enjoyed the rare opportunity to enjoy live quality entertainment.


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